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From air to plastic What if carbon in air could be used to replace oil? What if plastic actually improved the environment?

A Better Way to Make Material

Every day, plants pull carbon out of the air to make useful materials.  Imagine if we could do the same.

Inspired by carbon-capturing processes found in nature, Newlight has invented and commercialized a carbon capture technology that uses air and greenhouse gas as a resource to produce a plastic material called AirCarbonTM: a carbon-negative material that can match the performance of oil-based plastics and significantly out-compete on price.

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Air + Greenhouse Gas air plus greenhouse gas CO2e Thermoplastic

newlight process

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A Revolutionary Material

AirCarbon™ High-performance, carbon-negativeTM thermoplastic made from carbon that would otherwise become part of the air we breathe.

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Reverse the flow of carbon. Change the world.