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AirCarbon TM Thermoplastic

AirCarbonTM  |  Made from carbon capture

AirCarbonTM is a material made from carbon that would otherwise be a part of the air we breathe.

Sustainable.  While almost all plastics today are made exclusively from oil or other fossil fuels, AirCarbon is different.

By replacing oil with AirCarbonTM, we transform the products we use everyday into materials that reverse the flow of carbon and actually improve the world--reducing the concentration of carbon in the air, displacing oil, and ending climate change one step at a time.

High-Performance.  AirCarbonTM is able to meet the performance requirements of a wide range of applications, including applications currently using fossil fuel-based polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, polystyrene, and TPU. AirCarbon™ can be used in extrusion, blown film, cast film, thermoforming, fiber spinning, and injection molding applications. For more information about specific functional properties, please contact Newlight.

Biodegradable or Recyclable. AirCarbonTM is a naturally biodegradable polyester that can be recycled in multiple use cycles, and can be formulated into both biodegradable and non-biodegradable grades according to the durability and carbon capture needs of a given application. *Please check labeling or packaging for grade-specific biodegradability and compostability parameters.

Carbon-Negative. AirCarbonTM is an independently-verified, cradle-to-grave (including all energy inputs, transportation, and end-of-life) carbon-negative material, quantifiably reducing the amount of carbon in the air in every ounce of AirCarbon we make. **Please check labeling or packaging for grade-specific carbon footprint and carbon credit information.

Change the World.  Transform the products we use every day into products that reverse the flow of carbon and change the world.

The technology is here.

Imagine the possibilities.TM>>

AirCarbon TM Thermoplastic made from Air

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Made from carbon capture CO2e
High-Performance. drop in
Biodegradable.* AirCarbon is Biodegradable
Sustainable. AirCarbon is Carbon Negative
Carbon-Negative.TM ** AirCarbon is Carbon Negative
Air, Not Oil.